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Yannick Vigouroux

Born in France in 1970, Yannick Vigouroux is a photographer, critic and art historian. He lives and works in Paris. A graduate of the National School of Photography (Arles), he published many books and articles on photography. He is co-founder of the artists' collective Foto Povera.


He has mainly used, since 1996, vintage Polaroid, and 6x9 box cameras to achieve the "Coastlines" series devoted to the coast and port areas:


After twenty years of analog filmmaking with the  Fuji Instax Wide, he now also explores the creative potential offered by smartphones and digital pinhole device.


"I like to walk by the sea with my primitive box camera, this light, unassuming device (I like very much the idea that it is not considered “professional” equipment ), having no technology to measure the light, no aperture either… little to almost no control, I have to submit to the existing light. I have the feeling that I’m opening up the little box camera to let the reality of the world inside. I do not believe in the notion of truth in the photographic document. In my opinion, the document always lies, the imagination never."   –  Yannick Vigouroux

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